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If your loved one has passed and you are looking for a Los Angeles Wrongful Death Attorney, you need to talk to the Wrongful Death Attorneys of Fair Cases Law Group. The period following a wrongful death can be extremely stressful. and the Wrongful Death Attorneys of Fair Cases Law Group are here to help navigate you through this difficult time.

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Los Angeles Wrongful Death Attorney

Each time a relative’s death was due to another person’s wrongful act or failure to act, remaining family members may be eligible for monetary compensation for their emotional loss. At Fair Cases Law Group, our wrongful death attorneys understand that the amount of compensation can help offset the disastrous emotional damage caused by a family member’s passing. But monetary compensation can at minimum help a family with the financial obstacles caused by a family member’s death or set up a fund in memory of a child who died before her time.
For many years, wrongful death attorneys at Fair Cases Law Group have supported individuals in Los Angeles and neighboring Southern California cities to put their lives right back together following a family members’ death. Our Los Angeles Wrongful Death Attorneys can establish whether your household member died because of somebody else’s wrongful activity or failure to act. We fully examine the surrounding circumstances of the death, determine all the financial losses, and record all the paperwork required to put maximum compensation in your pocket.
Our attorneys have litigated numerous wrongful death lawsuits in Los Angeles, and we are willing to take your case to trial and display to the jury just what wrongful activities or inactions caused the death of your partner, child, or domestic spouse as well as the financial and emotional trauma that followed.
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Who May File a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

Survivors of the deceased are allowed to get paid for the death of a loved one when neglect is involved. Below is California Civil Code 337.60, which states who may bring forward a wrongful death lawsuit:
  • Family members may bring forward a wrongful death lawsuit to recover payment for potential earnings and loss of consortium. While emotional distress isn’t typically accounted for in wrongful death, family members can retrieve damages for things the deceased might have presented if he or she’d lived. 
  • Putative spouses and domestic companions can bring forward a wrongful death lawsuit to recover the same payment a partner would. A putative partner is an individual who had a good faith belief he or she was lawfully married to the deceased.
  • Children, including adopted children of the deceased, may bring forward a wrongful death lawsuit to recover payment for loss of parental guidance and companionship and loss of financial support caused by the parent’s death.
  • The decedent parents may also sue for the wrongful death of their child.

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How Long Do I Have To File a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

A statute of limitations is the amount of time an individual has to file a wrongful death lawsuit after a loved one’s death.
Under California Civil Code 335.1, a wrongful death lawsuit must be submitted within two years of the day the decedent died. If the case isn’t submitted within that time period, family members might lose their chance to recover compensation.
If the wrongful death lawsuit is founded on medical malpractice, then California Civil Code 340.5 requires that a party has:
  • three years from the day of harm, or one year following the date the plaintiff discovers, or
  • through the use of realistic homework should have discovered, the harm,
  • whatever does occur first.

What are the Major Causes of Wrongful Death?

The main cause of wrongful death accidents is car accidents. The second-largest cause of wrongful death, especially among seniors, is medical malpractice.
The remainder of the principal reasons for wrongful deaths include:
  • falls,
  • workplace accidents,
  • industrial accidents,
  • drowning,
  • boating accidents,
  • train accidents,
  • asbestos exposure, and
  • manufacturing defects.

In Los Angeles and LA County, family members can receive compensation for:

  • Financial support the decedent might have received, including wages and other income
  • The economic benefit that could have been presented, like by way of a stay-at-home mother or father raising kids, or a grownup looking after an aging parent
  • Companionship, ease, emotional support, marital relationship including sexual relations, parental relationship, including taking care of small kids, and the decedent might have given family members throughout his / her lifetime.

In certain circumstances, individuals can retrieve damages for their loved ones’ medical costs, lost earnings, property damage, and other damages sustained before death. If the wrongdoer intentionally ignored known risks, or acted with extraordinary recklessness, a family may receive punitive damages – monetary damages designed to punish the responsible actions and deter the others from acting equally in the future.

Our highly experienced Wrongful death attorneys can help you discover the details of your circumstances and establish whether recovering damages of these types could be possible. The personal injury lawyers at Fair Cases Law Group provide all our clients with the highest quality and personal attention to recover the most compensation following your wrongful death lawsuit.
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As you can see, there are numerous factors to take into account before filing a wrongful death lawsuit in California. At Fair Cases Law Group, we recognize that this can be a hard time for you. Having to deal with a loved one’s wrongful death is especially hard, and our law firm will make it more manageable.
Our attorneys are experienced and knowledgeable, and they are also passionate litigators when needed. We function faithfully for our clients, whether answering questions, reviewing settlement offers, or fighting for our clients in court.
We urge you to get hold of our wrongful death lawyers if a family member has died due to the wrongful actions of another. We represent people throughout Los Angeles, LA County, and neighboring Southern California communities. We offer free case evaluations over the phone. Please call us at 833-324-7111 to speak to a Fair Cases Law Group attorney today.
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