What to Do if You Slip and Fall in a Store

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What to Do When You Slip and Fall in a Store

Injuries from slip and fall accidents are a frequent occurrence in California. Slips and falls account for over one million hospital emergency department admissions per year, according to statistics from the National Floor Safety Institute. About eight million trips are attributed in general.
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Slip and fall injuries also occur in stores and businesses. If you are injured in a fall at a supermarket, the retailer can be liable for your injuries. Take the steps below to increase the odds of obtaining a reasonable financial recovery for your slip and fall accident.

Remain Calm

Avoid panicking after a slip and fall accident. Take deep breaths, maintain your composure, and reason calmly for the next steps you need to take. Although it is natural to feel distressed or flustered after a slip and fall, make an effort to overcome these emotions and take the requisite steps.

Report the Accident

Begin by reporting the accident to a store official. Inform the shop manager that you slipped and sustained an injury. Requested to complete an injury record, if the shop has one. Alternatively, jot down the manager’s email address and follow up with a written note explaining the accident.
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Ask for a Copy of the Accident Report

Your injury report should provide a thorough summary of the incident, as well as the date, period, and place of the slip and fall. For your history, get a copy of the accident report. Additionally, you can request a copy of any surveillance video footage that is available.

Take Photographs Before You Leave

Take many photographs of the site of the fall before you exit the shop. If you are too injured to take pictures, have someone else take them for you. It is important to photograph the unsafe situation immediately, before the shop manager or an employee has an opportunity to fix it. Take a snapshot until someone wipes up a puddle of water on the cement, for example. Take photographs from a variety of perspectives and lengths. Additionally, photograph the bruises.

Save Your Shoes and Clothing

Do not disinfect or discard the shoes or clothing you were wearing at the time of your fall. If the clothing becomes damp as a result of contact with the slippery floor, take photos until it dries. What you were wearing at the time can serve as evidence. For instance, the shoes will demonstrate that you were wearing suitable footwear for shopping, rebutting any insurance provider claims that you contributed to the fall.

Go to the Nearest Hospital

If you believe you have been critically wounded in a slip and fall collision, avoid moving before paramedics arrive. Alternatively, arrange for transportation to the closest hospital or urgent care. Avoid delaying medical treatment, as this can make completely recovering from your injury more difficult. Additionally, it can jeopardize your ability to receive compensation, as many insurance companies seek emergency medical attention in order to be covered.
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Document the Event

Take the opportunity to document your slip and fall accident. Obtain copies of accident accounts, photographs, and recordings, as well as copies of the medical records. Additionally, when you are healing, you can keep an accident diary in which you detail how the injury has changed your life. The more facts you gather about your injury, the more likely your lawsuit will be successful.

Consult With an Attorney

Finally, seek support from a Los Angeles slip and fall attorney in filing a lawsuit. Negotiating with a store’s insurance policy on your own can be challenging. By retaining the services of a lawyer, you will compel the insurance provider to handle you equally. Your attorney will assist you with documenting the injury, establishing the defendant’s liability, and pursuing full insurance benefits on your behalf.

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