What to do when a California slip and fall leads to death

What to do when a California slip and fall leads to death? Read this article to learn steps to take after a wrongful death slip and fall accident

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What to do when a California slip and fall leads to death

Numerous Californians love seeing shows such as “America’s Funniest Videos,” which depict falls as amusing. However, the reality is that a slip and fall is not something to be laughed at. A fall onto a hard surface will result in fractured bones, hip, shoulder, and back fractures, as well as head trauma and even death.
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When this occurs, it is often the result of the individual’s own clumsiness, but in other situations, a third party is to blame. Continue reading to learn where a slip and fall could be considered wrongful death.
Slips and slides are most popular in supermarkets and restaurants. It is not unusual for a waiter to spill some water or for a customer to drop a glass container of food or juice, causing it to splatter all over the place. When this occurs, workers must respond quickly. The longer a spill is left unattended, the greater the likelihood that anyone will fall and sustain permanent bodily injury. If the fall was caused by an employee’s incompetence, the victim’s family could pursue court action.
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Additionally, a guest can sue a homeowner if the guest slips or trips while in the homeowner’s house. The landlord, however, may have been mindful of the hazardous situation. If a homeowner fails to clean up a spill and discovers that many visitors have almost collapsed as a result of falling on it, he or she may be held responsible for any injury sustained as a result of the accident.
Additionally, a fall may occur when a person is walking on a sidewalk. A individual could fall over a crack or a broken sidewalk. If this occurs, the victim’s family can prosecute the city, as cities are required to maintain defect-free sidewalks. Certain conditions and timelines must be met in this situation, which is why it is wise to obtain legal counsel from a local Los Angeles slip and fall attorney.

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