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Fair Cases will do a thorough investigation into the accident. This may include:

  • Reviewing the police report
  • Reviewing the insurance company report
  • Interviewing eyewitnesses
  • Reviewing all of your medical records
  • Obtaining surveillance video of the scene
  • Reviewing records of past problems at that location
  • Investigating the other people involved and their past incidents
  • Inspecting the scene of the accident
  • Having an expert review the records

With a more in-depth investigation, Fair Cases can provide a clearer picture of what happened during the accident, who was at fault, and why the other person should be held responsible for their negligence.

A victim in an injury crash may be tempted to downplay their injuries. Automobile wreck injuries can be complicated and develop over time. Even if the victim feels fine after the crash, neck pain, loss of mobility, headaches, and other complaints can develop days or even weeks later. Fair Cases will make sure you seek treatment as soon as possible to make sure your injuries don’t get worse. We can also refer you to a specific doctor in your area that specializes in treating your type of injury.

Other injury victims may not want to get medical care because they are worried about the cost of treatment. If another driver caused the crash, that driver should be responsible for paying for your damages. Fair Cases will encourage you to get proper treatment after an accident and fight to get those medical bills covered by the other driver’s insurance provider.

Evidence in a auto collision claim goes beyond just taking pictures of the damaged vehicle and getting a copy of medical records. The other driver may try and hide evidence of the cause of the accident. Fair Cases will take action to make sure the evidence is retained and not tampered with. This evidence can be reviewed by engineering experts or medical experts to help build your case.

One of the first steps after a crash to get damages is to issue a demand letter. The demand letter provides the outline of the claim and the basis for the other party’s liability. The demand letter generally includes:

  • The parties involved,
  • The facts and circumstances of what happened,
  • Damages and medical injuries involved,
  • Losses and costs caused by the accident, and
  • Demand for compensation from the insurance company.

The demand letter is also generally the beginning of negotiating with the insurance adjuster.

​One of the most important parts of trying to get damages after a car collision is negotiating with the insurance company. It can also be one of the riskiest parts of a claim if the injured individual does not have a lawyer.

The insurance company has a team of lawyers and adjusters who deal with liability and injury claims every day. If you talk to the other driver’s insurance company on your own, the insurance company may try and get you to say certain things to help their case so they can deny your claim or pay you less money. Let Fair Cases deal with the insurance company so you will have the best chance for full compensation.

It is generally up to the crash victim to decide whether to accept the insurance company’s settlement offer. Fair Cases will let you know your options. If the insurance company doesn’t want to play ball or only offers only a small portion of your damages, Fair Cases can take the case to court.

If negotiations with the insurance company don’t work, Fair Cases can file a personal injury lawsuit in California civil court. This will include a basis for liability and a claim for damages. A auto collision lawsuit can take time to go all the way to trial. However, most injury lawsuits are settled before trial. The closer the case gets to trial, the more likely both parties are to accept a settlement offer. Fair Cases will prepare your case for maximum compensation. 

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