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If you or a loved one were injured or killed in a truck or 18-wheeler accident, our truck and 18-wheeler accident lawyers may give the time and resources necessary to keeping the trucking company accountable and ensuring that you and your family are completely compensated for all your injuries and damages.

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semi truck accident lawyer

Semi Truck Accident Lawyer

The semi truck accident lawyers at Fair Cases Law Group are recognized nationwide as leaders in truck accident law. We are knowledgeable and have a significant track record in successfully handling truck accident cases. 
In the event that you or a loved one are associated with a truck accident, reaching out to a knowledgeable attorney is vital. Because trucking companies are often protected by millions of dollars in insurance funds, having a specialized commercial truck accident lawyer will ensure your case is handled in the absolute most qualified manner. Identifying all the various lines of insurance is hard in trucking incidents because the vehicle and truck are often protected by different companies, and figuring out who is responsible for the accident can be challenging without a semi-truck accident lawyer.
Keep reading to understand how your rights can be adequately protected and fill out our no-cost case evaluation form to see if our team of lawyers, investigators, and specialists can help you with your case.
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What to Do Following a Truck Accident?

The level of confusion immediately after a truck crash can be great. It is also important to make sure the authorities and any necessary emergency workers are immediately called to assist with any injuries.
Law enforcement can take extensive notes, statements from most of the involved parties and witnesses and take photos within their accident report. If at all possible, you may also wish to document around you can, including witness statements.
If your phone’s camera is working, be sure to take as many pictures as possible of the damage to your vehicle and any injuries you and some other passengers sustained. This can allow you to make certain that anything the authorities missed remains documented.
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How Our Truck Accident Lawyers Can Help You

Tractor trailer accident litigation needs thorough investigation, the help of expert witnesses, and the innovative use discovery procedures following the truck accident lawsuit. Fast recovery of the accident scene is crucial. The trucking company will quickly dispatch its own investigators; you’ll need somebody on your part who can do the same. Fair Cases Law Groups on-staff team of investigators consistently visit accident scenes and take images of bodily evidence. They will record eyewitness reports, skid marks, accident remains, as well as oil, gasoline, and radiator liquid spots at the wreck scene. We will also acquire police reports, motor vehicle records, witness statements, images, and safety logs. The sooner you contact our semi truck accident lawyers to represent you, the sooner we can get to work.

Expert Witnesses for Tractor Trailer Accident Cases

Fair Cases Law Group tractor truck accident attorneys have long-established relationships with trucking authorities and investigators. These expert witnesses can evaluate the facts of one’s case and help you come up with a successful trial strategy. Other authorities including technicians, medical experts, economists, caregivers, and accident recinstructionists that work alongside each other to bring your strongest case forward.

Experienced Tractor Trailer and Truck Accident Lawyers

Truck crash instances change considerably from car crashes and different forms of cases. Experience counts when an attorney is handling an individual injury situation concerning a tractor trailer or 18-wheeler. Truckers and transport companies must adhere to a complex pair of federal and state regulations and regulations governing hours of service, preservation and inspection requirements, and different security protocol. The tractor-trailer accident attorneys at Fair Cases Law Group have in-depth knowledge of these (frequently changing) codes and regulations. Our truck accident lawyers will determine whether a violation of this type contributed to your crash, and hold the offending driver and/or business responsible.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Truck Accident Lawyer?

Fair Cases Law Group truck accident lawyers work on a contingency basis. This means that the lawyer is just paid if he or she wins money damages for you. This makes it possible for one to hire the perfect legal representation. It provides every one identical access to justice and to illustration of the exact same caliber that insurance companies , transportation companies , and different defendants may hire.
Nothing is more destructive than stepping into a wreck with a tractor trailer. Your accidents may be deadly, and medical costs may add up to countless amounts of dollars. Your insurance might not protect all of your costs, and you might have difficulties just trying to get back once again to your life. We’re here to help. If you have been injured in a truck accident, then don’t wait much longer.

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Our truck accident lawyers have a proven track record of success in helping getting maximum compensation. We know the law and have a dedicated team waiting to get you the compensation you deserve.

How Compensation is Determined Following a Truck Accident

Like other personal injury lawsuits, the kinds of payment open to these affected as caused by an accident involving a vehicle comes into two categories: financial injuries and non-economic damages.

Compensation involving financial truck accident injuries acts to cover the particular monetary costs, including the following:

  • Current Medical Costs: This might include expenses for er visits, hospital care, surgery, assistive products, and appointments with approved medical professionals.
  • Future Medical Costs: Compensation for extensive medical attention and care.
  • Lost Wages: Compensation for the wages lost between the time of harm and the final outcome of the lawsuit.
  • Loss in Making Volume: If the prey can show that their ability to generate an income has been adversely impacted, the payment might be available. The awarding party will appear to determine the quantity prey would have received had the car accident perhaps not occurred.
  • Non-economic injuries compensate the prey and/or household for non-financial, intangible deficits, including:
  • Pain and Putting up with: This includes payment for the physical pain suffered as a result of injuries experienced in the crash. The nature of the harm, the extent of the pain, and the length of time the prey is likely to experience are all within the computation of the award.
  • Mental Anguish: Compensation for mental pain stemming from the truck accident, including fright, embarrassment, nervousness, worry, sadness and other styles of mental distress caused by the accident.
  • Loss in Consortium: Compensation given to a spouse, parents, and modest children lack companies, help, assistance, society, and companionship/care of a cherished one, a child, or parents.

Along with financial and non-economic injuries, punitive injuries might be applicable if the defendant’s measures inducing the harm were willful, destructive, fraudulent or reckless. Punitive injuries serve to punish the offender and dissuade related conduct in the future.

In order to obtain the most effective medical care as time goes on and continue to offer for yourself and your loved ones after having a truck or 18-wheeler accident, retrieving the maximum settlement for your entire incidents and losses is critical. But to succeed against the trucking organization and their insurance organization, you must behave early to safeguard your rights and secure your family’s future:

  • Contact 911 and report the accident. After the authorities appear on the scene, they’ll start preparing the official report which is conducted by your lawyer and the trucking company’s lawyers.
  • If you’re able, get photographs and videos of the accident scene. You should also produce records of the trucker’s license plate and driver’s license numbers, the DOT number discovered on the driver’s and passenger’s area of the truck, the trucking company’s insurance data, and the titles and contact information for just about any witnesses.
  • Get medical attention, even if you think you aren’t seriously wounded, as many crash-related incidents may possibly not be noticeable until they’ve gotten worse several days later. Your medical records will allow you and your lawyer to prove that any incidents you endured resulted from the accident and required medical treatment.
  • When speaking with the authorities, insurance adjusters, or anyone else concerning the accident, stick to the facts and don’t speculate about the fault. And anything you do, never offer a statement to the trucking company’s insurance adjuster.
  • Follow your entire doctor’s orders and keep all medical appointments. The insurance company can make an effort to use any excuse to follow your doctor’s advice or treatment plan as a way to downplay the severity of your injuries.
  • Never make an effort to negotiate a settlement on your own. Calling an Experienced California 18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer that’s effectively treated truck accident injuries – equally in and from the courtroom — is the most important issue you can certainly do to maximize your settlement after having a crash.

Our Undefeated Truck Accident Lawyers have effectively represented 1000s of injured truck and 18 wheeler accident victims across Los Angeles, San Diego, Sacramento, and San Fransisco. We realize the physical and financial influence that large truck or 18-wheeler accidents have on patients and their families and have reached out to distinguish ourselves with our unprecedented benefits and record-breaking victories.

While every situation is unique, it’s not unusual for truck accident victims to recuperate damages from several parties, like the truck driver, the trucking business, and in some instances, the broker and/or shipper who appointed the trucking business to move the load.

California allows the subjects of irresponsible truck and 18-wheeler accident victims to pursue cost for:

  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Physical suffering
  • Emotional suffering
  • Physical Constraints
  • Disfigurement
  • Loss in earning volume
  • Loss in Consortium for a partner

In the case of a fatal truck or 18-wheeler accident, surviving family unit members may find injuries for their loved one’s wrongful death, including:

  • Burial and funeral expenses
  • Loss in financial benefits
  • Loss in attention, support, maintenance, advice, and counsel
  • Loss in enjoy, companionship, ease, and culture
  • Loss in expected inheritance

In addition to a wrongful death lawsuit, family unit members can also record a survivor action to acquire compensation for the medical expenses, physical suffering, and intellectual suffering their family member endured before their death.

Ultimately, California truck accident subjects and their families can also pursue punitive injuries whenever a defendant’s bad behavior triggered or contributed with their injuries. While California does not produce winning punitive injuries all so simple, our firm’s truck accident customers have been given punitive injuries in every situation we’ve taken fully to trial.

Unlike typical car accidents, truck and 18-wheeler collisions require many complex and essential factors such as for instance trucking regulations, unscrupulous insurance adjusters, and corporate legitimate teams.

The 18-wheeler accident attorneys of Fair Cases Law Group realize these complexities. Every attorney at our company is really a test attorney who has knowledge really using instances to court—and winning. When a trucking or insurance company will not give you a settlement that fully compensates our clients and their own families for ALL their accidents and problems, we get the situation to test, where our lawyers stay undefeated.

The value of one’s truck accident case depends on several factors, including:

  • The degree and severity of one’s injuries.
  • The cost of current and potential medical treatments.
  • The degree of harm to your automobile and other property.
  • Your suffering and suffering, like the intellectual and emotional anguished brought on by the crash.
  • The total amount of missing wages, including loss of potential getting capacity.

We believe that people shouldn’t need certainly to concern yourself with paying their rent or mortgage, adding food up for grabs, or buying Christmas gifts due to their children. Our skilled truck accident attorneys work tirelessly to obtain you the biggest settlement or verdict possible, therefore you never need certainly to concern yourself with the near future again. We make each and every case with the goal of maximizing your healing therefore that—once your case is over—you and your loved ones can shift up with your lives.

If you’ve been involved in an 18-wheeler or truck accident, your quality of life and the well-being of one’s individuals should come first. Contact 911 immediately and stay in your automobile till EMS arrives.

When EMS happens, you should:

  • Keep your car if you’re able. Use your smartphone to take photographs and video of the truck, your automobile, and the scene.
  • Get titles and contact data of everyone involved and any witnesses.
  • Take note of the title of the trucking organization, the truck’s DOT quantity (which is situated on the driver’s and passenger’s area of the truck, and the trucking company’s insurance information.
  • Be straightforward once you communicate with the authorities, but don’t acknowledge or examine fault with anyone.
  • Find immediate medical therapy, even though you do not think you were seriously injured. Several accidents are not immediately apparent due to adrenaline and shock from the crash, and it’s generally better to be satisfied by way of a medical practitioner than have ongoing accidents that get worse with time.

Make sure to follow your health practitioner’s guidelines and attend all doctor’s visits and treatment sessions. Not only can this speed up your physical recovery, but it also demonstrates to you did everything possible to recoup and makes it more difficult for the insurance organization to downplay the seriousness of one’s injuries.

It’s also recommended to create down everything you are able to recall in regards to the crash, actually details that seem unimportant. Keep this account in a report or electronic record, along with your replicate of the authorities report, any data and evidence you gathered at the world, and records of copays and other expenses related to your medical treatment.

When you should alert your insurance organization of the crash, it’s never recommended to speak with or provide a recorded statement to your insurance organization or the trucking company’s insurer till you’ve talked with a Skilled Truck Accident Attorney. No matter what the business or their adjuster assurance, they’re maybe not in your area and are just interested in avoiding duty for your accidents and losses.

In the event that you or even a cherished one were harm in a truck or 18-wheeler accident, you may need to file a lawsuit to obtain the resources to cover your medical costs, lost wages, pain, and putting up with, and other damages. The timeline for bringing your own harm state requires a few measures and phases:

  • Contact an Skilled Truck Accident Attorney: An experienced truck accident attorney may assure evidence is preserved, help you’re able to the best doctors, assess all of your injuries to ascertain the compensation that you are called to recover and do the rest necessary to make sure that you are fully and pretty compensated for the injuries and damages.
  • Issue a Demand Page: Following our Truck Accident Lawyers file your lawsuit, make sure you are receiving the medical attention you need, and review the documents and evidence we have received from the trucking organization and our team of professionals, we’ll matter a need page to the trucking company’s insurance carrier. That page may establish the number of injuries that the trucking organization and its insurer must spend you resolve your case before trial.
  • Settlement Negotiations and Test Planning: Provided our popularity for retrieving record-setting verdicts at trial, trucking organizations and their insurers know our Truck Accident Attorneys will never take a limited settlement and won’t hesitate to visit trial as long as they decline to pay for maximum compensation for all of your injuries and losses. Consequently, many of our instances negotiate in front of trial, and usually for record amounts.
  • Finding: Through the finding period, we’ll deliver requests for documents and issues about everything from the important points of the accident to the vehicle driver’s and trucking company’s accident and generator company safety record to the trucking company’s lawyers. As we get their answers, which we often have to compel through filing activities with the judge, we’ll start getting depositions of the vehicle driver, the trucking company’s safety representative, any witnesses to the accident, your doctors, and anyone else with information strongly related how and why the accident happened or the injuries and deficits you and your loved ones suffered as a result. The finding period, which on average lasts at least 4 weeks, provides our 18 Wheeler Accident Lawyers with the evidence we must create that the vehicle driver and trucking organization were to blame, along with manual the amount of injuries we’ll seek on your own behalf at trial.
  • Mediation: Many California courts require the events to participate in an alternative challenge solution before trial. That typically takes the form of mediation, by which a neutral third-party “mediator” attempts to simply help the events negotiate towards a settlement before trial.
  • Test: If the events are unable to achieve a settlement ahead of the scheduled trial time, the lawsuit should go to trial. With regards to the complexity of the case and the number of witnesses included, tests on average last between 1 and 3 weeks. Whilst the trial is ongoing, it’s maybe not rare for the trucking company’s lawyers or their insurance adjusters to keep wanting to negotiate the case before it’s presented to the jury. If your settlement is reached, the choose may inform the jury that the events reach a settlement, and your case is likely to be resolved.

Because of the unique dangers, 18-wheelers and different professional trucks create to different people and passengers on the highway, trucking organizations and their people must conform to a sophisticated group of federal, state, and local regulations that govern from how many hours that vehicle people may invest in duty and driving to the backdrop checks that trucking organizations must conduct on their people and the examination and preservation they must conduct on their fleet.

These regulations are called the Federal Motor Service Safety Regulations and provide the inspiration for your event against both the vehicle driver and the trucking company.

We’ve determined a few of the regulations that are most typically involved with vehicle and 18 wheeler accident cases under:

  • Hours of Support: federal law prohibits professional vehicle people that push across state lines from driving more than 11 hours in a 24 hour period. They should also keep electric logbooks that document how many hours they’ve been on duty, how many hours they’ve been driving, and how many hours they’ve used relaxing and off-duty before 24 hours. These records permit the trucking organization to make sure that their people come in compliance with federal law and ensure that the vehicle people are not driving while fatigued
  • Car Maintenance Requirements: People and trucking organizations must guarantee their vehicles are often inspected, adequately preserved, and safe to drive. The trucking organization is needed, by federal law, to keep up to date records of protection inspections, schedule preservation, and any fixes
  • Choosing and Instruction Requirements: Trucking organizations are expected, under federal law, to execute intensive background checks on and provide extensive instruction to every driver before they start driving for the company. When they’re employed, federal law involves the trucking organizations to equally continue giving constant protection instruction and to check the driving records of all their people on an annual basis
  • Medications and Alcohol Use: Professional vehicle people are prohibited from applying medications or alcohol while driving or within 8 hours of going “on duty.” The trucking organizations must conduct drug testing when it employs a brand new driver and continues arbitrarily testing at least 50 % of their people for equally medications and alcohol each year
  • Diseases and reduced driving: People can’t operate an 18-wheeler or semi-truck if infection or fatigue stops them from operating the automobile safely. The trucking organization is required to check their people’s alertness by analyzing the driver’s daily electric records and, should they think that the driver could or could become fatigued, must reduce them from driving till they’ve received adequate rest.

Having effectively represented tens and thousands of vehicle and 18-wheeler accident patients in California, our Los Angeles Truck Accident Lawyers have acquired a thorough knowledge of the principles and regulations that connect with the professional trucking market and the tactics trucking organizations and their insurers uses in order to avoid spending patients what they’re owed. We also know very well what evidence we must prove your claims, wherever to get it, and steps to make sure the trucking organization gives it to us therefore that individuals may put it to use to maximize your recovery through settlement or at trial.

For something, the assets, information, and experience we’ve obtained while handling truck and 18 wheeler accident instances has presented us with the skills and assets to successfully undertake the largest trucking organizations and law firms in the country. We are a lot more than personal injury lawyers; we’re established truck accident attorneys who have recognized a regular history of success through the settlements and verdicts we’ve gained for the clients and their families.

We are also maybe not scared to go to test – even against the biggest corporations in the world. Around in your part, defendants may know they will not be able to bully you in to taking such a thing less than you deserve.

Following an 18-wheeler collision, it’s quite unusual for the occupants of smaller vehicles to walk away without a scratch. Because simple motorists are far more likely to suffer significant particular harm and wrongful demise in a truck or 18-wheeler accident, the trucking organization can quickly be looking at a seven-figure when their driver is a mistake for a crash.

With this sort of income at share, you may be certain the trucking company and its insurer will do anything to prevent spending you and your family the problems you deserve. Whenever a truck or 18-wheeler driver has robbed you of one’s capability to care and give yourself and your family, you can not put your fate in their hands. Subjects of big truck incidents need specific medical care, financial help, and lawyers with the ability, sources, and commitment to not just fight for them, but to win.

At Fair Cases Law Group, we’ll perform directly with you and your family from time one, ensuring that that you have access to all or any the sources you need to start restoring your lives. We ALWAYS fight to generate the maximum settlement or judgment possible, therefore you should have the sources to provide for your recovery and secure the future of your family. You are able to depend on our Houston Vehicle and 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyers every stage of the way.

We Force Trucking Companies to Take Responsibility

As a result of repeated and unprecedented success that our truck and 18-wheeler accident lawyers have accomplished for our customers, trucking businesses and their lawyers get our customers and their instances a lot more seriously.
Why? Simply because they know that our Truck Accident Attorneys won’t ever be outspent or overworked, that we get instances to trial—and set documents, and that we refuse to be in an incident until our customers and their loved ones are completely compensated for ALL their incidents, deficits and damages.
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Our FedEx accident lawyers have a proven track record of success in helping truck accident victims get maximum compensation. We have a dedicated team waiting to get you compensated.

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As our track-record confirms, our Truck Accident Lawyers Do not Only Win for California Vehicle and 18 Wheeler Accident Lawsuits – We Set Records.

We’re in a position to consistently achieve these unprecedented effects for the clients since we work lengthier and harder than our opponents, we understand how trucking companies and their team of lawyers operate. We decline to stay an incident unless our clients are fully compensated for ALL their incidents and damages.

Because of our extended success—equally inside and beyond your courtroom—nearly all of our client’s instances are resolved for record-setting quantities before trial.

In the event that you or even a cherished one were hurt in a truck or 18-wheeler accident, our Undefeated Truck Accident Lawyers can hold the trucking organization accountable and be sure that you and your household get the compensation you deserve.

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