Employment Law

One of the Top Rated Law Firms in Southern California

Employment Law

One of the Top Rated Law Firms in Southern California

We protect your rights in the workplace.

American workers enjoy many important legal protections. Unfortunately, the fact that state laws and federal laws often offer slightly different protections makes it difficult to understand and exercise your rights—unless you get help from an experienced employment attorney.

Our Attorneys Are Here for You

If you believe you have been the victim of illegal treatment in the workplace, Fair Cases Law Group is here to provide the information and guidance you need to do something about it. Our lawyers will fight diligently to hold your employer liable for their misconduct and secure appropriate compensation for your suffering.

This may include:

  • Back pay
  • Front pay
  • Emotional distress damages-,
  • Punitive damages in the case of truly egregious violations of the law

We Handle All Kinds of Cases

Our experienced employment law attorneys are able to offer superior quality representation across a broad range of topics, including:

Employment Discrimination: Are you being treated differently than your coworkers purely because of a protected characteristic like age (if over 40), race, sex/gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, ethnicity, religion, pregnancy, or disability? Our attorneys will fight aggressively to put a stop to employment discrimination and help you get compensation.

Wrongful Termination: Employers can fire or lay off employees for reasons due to their performance, or for no reason at all. They cannot fire you for an illegal reason, such as discrimination, retaliation, or fire you because you refuse to engage in illegal business activity. If you have been wrongfully terminated, we can fight for you to be reinstated and/or secure monetary damages.

Overtime Pay Disputes: Some employers go to great lengths to try to avoid paying workers the overtime wages they are due under state law. If you believe you are being shortchanged on your overtime pay, contact us right away. We can explain your rights and take action as needed.

Wage & Hour Disputes: If your employer is refusing to pay minimum wage, withholding a deserved contracted bonus, or otherwise violating your rights to compensation, we will stand up for you as your employment attorney.

Harassment: Whether you have been subjected to unwanted sexual advances at work or to sexually charged comments, images, or gestures, you deserve compensation. We have experience with all kinds of harassment cases, including ones related to religion, national origin, age, disability, gender, sexual orientation and the creation of a hostile work environment based on sex discrimination. We will fight diligently for your rights as your employment attorney.

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