Top 5 Motorcycle Safety Tips for Riders

Looking for motorcycle safety tips? Read on to learn the top 5 motorcycle safety tips for riders how to ride safely next time you hop on the motorcycle

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Top 5 Motorcycle Safety Tips for Riders

As a motorcyclist in California, you assume a great deal of harm. Motorcycle riders are statistically much more likely than motor car drivers to sustain catastrophic and fatal injuries in car crashes. In 2018, 488 motorcyclists died in road collisions in California alone. As a motorcycle operator, the choices you make could save your life. Thirty motorcyclists killed in deadly collisions, for example, were not wearing helmets, and some were riding their motorcycles while impaired by alcohol.
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Ride with a few safety precautions in mind to minimize the chances of a major crash. If you are involved in a motorcycle crash, you can retain the services of a Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer to assist you in the claims process.

Receive Adequate Training

Preparation is critical for avoiding a collision. You must understand how to ride your bike safely and how to adapt to unsafe highway conditions without crashing. Choose a motorcycle that is appropriate for your skill level and purpose for riding. Motorcycle riders that are inexperienced, unprepared, or untrained are more likely to be involved in accidents. To ride a motorcycle in California, you must pass special checks and receive instruction. Your driver’s license must have a motorcycle endorsement (class M). Additionally, you may want to participate in motorcycle safety courses to further reduce the chances of being involved in an accident.
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Obey Traffic Laws

You are subject to the same traffic laws and highway regulations as motor vehicle drivers when on the road. You must travel on the correct side of the lane, brake at all red lights and stop signs, follow all posted speed limits and other road signs, give the right of way to others when requested, pass safely, and use your turn signals. Additionally, the motorcycle must have all required roadworthy facilities, including a seat for each rider, working brakes, a whistle, and rearview mirrors.
As a motorcycle rider, you will have the right to do maneuvers that other motorists cannot, such as lane splitting and riding two abreast in the same lane. Lane break comfortably if you want to do so in California. Safety advocates suggest riding no more than 10 to 15 miles per hour above the speeds of approaching traffic and avoiding riding on the road between lanes where other cars are traveling more than 30 miles per hour. Never share a lane with another vehicle, except to pass. You are only permitted to share a lane with another motorcycle.

Do Not Tailgate

A motorcycle rider will die in a rear-end accident. Maintain a sufficient following gap between your motorcycle and the rear of the car in front of you to help avoid this kind of crash. Keep a close eye on the lane and nearby traffic. Prepare to bring the motorcycle to a complete halt at any time. Reduce the likelihood of being rear-ended by the vehicle in front of you by slowing cautiously, indicating your intention to turn, and lane splitting as traffic comes to a halt. Lane splitting allows you to travel comfortably between two cars rather than directly into the direction of a negligent driver.

Always Wear a Helmet

California Vehicle Code 27803 requires all motorcyclists and their riders to wear helmets when operating a motorcycle in the county. It is one of only a few states that have enacted a mandatory helmet statute. Wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle will help you from sustaining a severe or fatal head injury in an accident. Additionally, it is prudent to wear additional protective clothing such as long trousers, long sleeves, caps, a scarf, and gloves. Wearing appropriate protective equipment will help you prevent severe accidents such as road rash or broken bones. Additionally, ear and eye defense are important.

Never Drink and Ride

Each year in California, a number of motorcycle crashes that result in fatalities include a rider who tests positive for alcohol. Riding a motorcycle when intoxicated or under the influence of drugs or alcohol will make it more difficult to maintain control of the motorcycle safely. Intoxication can inhibit reflexes and judgement. Since the maximum blood alcohol concentration is 0.08 percent in California, riding a motorcycle after consuming some amount of alcohol puts your life in risk. Consumption of alcoholic beverages and motorcycle riding are incompatible. Maintain sobriety if you want to travel alone.

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