How Long Does a Slip and Fall Case Take to Settle?

Wondering how long it takes to settle a slip and fall case? Read this article to learn the factors that can influence the timeline of a slip and fall claim

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How Long Does It Take to Settle a Slip and Fall Case?

A slip and fall case is a lawsuit filed against a property owner seeking financial liability for causing or adding to the fall. A slip and fall lawsuit can be settled in a matter of months…or it can take a year or more. Numerous factors influence the length of time required to resolve a slip and fall accident, rendering a precise timeframe difficult to estimate. However, you can get a sense of what to expect by analyzing common variables.
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The Medical Recovery Timeline for the Victim: A Few Weeks to a Few Months

A Los Angeles slip and fall attorney can advise a victim not to consider an insurance payout for a slip and fall injury before the client reaches full medical recovery. This is the day on which a physician feels the injured is finished; either when the victim has completely recovered or has recovered as well as he or she is expected to ever recover from a permanent injury.
The time required for a victim to achieve the point of full medical recovery would dictate the amount of time required to resolve the lawsuit. A victim’s wounds can heal in a matter of weeks or can take several months to heal completely. It is important, though, for a person to wait before he or she reaches the stage of maximum physical recovery if the client wants to receive complete coverage for the injuries. Early settlement will result in an insufficient payout, especially for potential medical expenses.

The Insurance Company's Claim Handling Time: 55 Days or More

Since filing an insurance dispute following a slip and fall accident, the injured victim must wait to hear back from the insurance provider. According to California law, insurance providers are required to accept a claim within 15 days of receipt. Following receipt of the acknowledgment, the insurance agent has 40 days to review the claim and decide whether to approve or refuse benefits. As a result, an insurance provider can investigate and decide on a claim in as little as 55 days.
However, in California, an insurance agent has the authority to prolong an investigation if it has a legitimate cause. Each extension order adds 30 days to the time period during which the insurance provider is required to advise the customer on the condition of his or her claim. The average time required for an insurance provider to approve or refuse a claim is dependent on the company’s procedures, the severity of the situation, the existence of liability claims, and whether the company is acting in bad faith in managing your claim. Bad faith can result in unjustified claim delays.
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If The Case Is Settled or Takes the Courtroom: Three to Twelve Months or More

At the earliest, an insurance agent will make a decision and issue a check to a claimant with a slip and fall accident lawsuit in California. This could be the case if you have a straightforward argument including minor to serious injury. However, if the situation is complicated, you can anticipate a longer settlement timeline.
If you are unable to reach an agreement with the insurance provider and may go to litigation in California, the case can take longer than three months to resolve. You must wait until your court date, which could take several months to a year or longer in a crowded court system.
Your case could settle via mediation at any point while you wait for a trial. Otherwise, you will have to wait until the hearing concludes and the jury deliberates before receiving a verdict. Then, an extra two weeks will pass before you get the check – or later if the defendant wishes to appeal the jury’s verdict.
Your slip and fall accident case can take several months to a year or more to resolve. Consult an expert attorney on the specifics of the case and a personalized timetable.

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