Can Your Driving History Impact Your Car Accident Claim?


After a car accident, the other driver’s insurance company will try nearly everything they can to deny the credibility of your claim and attempt to avoid paying it. Any details that indicate you as liable or downplay the severity of your injuries will be focused on. If you have a history of previous collisions, that evidence can be damning in your accident claim.

A history of accidents, reckless driving, or traffic violations is often a cause for your own insurance company to raise the cost of your premiums. Insurance providers base their rates on the likelihood that they will have to eventually pay a claim, and a less-than-stellar driving record is reason to believe that a policyholder will be involved in an accident.

However, being involved in an accident in the past is not evidence of your current fault. Although you may have driven recklessly before, that does not mean you are liable in this case. It is important to focus on your present claim and think about the elements that relate to the most recent accident. An insurance company may try to use your driving history against you, but you should commit your attention to proving the other driver’s fault in the present-day case.

Even if you have a clean driving record, it is likely that insurance providers will try to deny your claim. This is important to remember during your case — an insurance company may have no intention of paying your claim, so you have to present a solid case to convince them otherwise.

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